SKIC is awarded as the best construction and assembly company in the mining sector for the third consecutive year

  • Awarding and commissioning of the Sol do Cerrado project, in the municipality of Jaíba, in the northern region of Minas Gerais.
  • Award of project "Electromechanical Vertical Contract 5th. Ball Mill”, located in the grinding area of ​​the Ujina Concentrator, inside the Doña Inés de Collahuasi Mining Company.
  • Dust Control contract awarded with Codelco VP, Chuquicamata Division.
  • Award of the expansion of Furnace Line 4 at the Pacasmayo Plant, Peru.
  • Award of the Dust Control System project, Crushing Plant, Antucoya Mine.
  • Award of EPC PIPELINE SIAM II project, Minera Centinela.
  • The execution of the Mapa Arauco project, an iconic work due to its size, investment and relevance for the Region, has been successfully completed.
  • SKIC Peru had a great participation in Expomina and Perumin.
  • SKIC Brasil and its Sol do Cerrado project in Vale, was recognized with the "Golden Helmet" award for being the supplier with the best performance indices in the areas of Health, Safety and Environment.
  • SKIC Peru and SKIC Brazil are recognized by the Business Generation Foundation.
  • In the 2022 award that highlights the "Commitment to Integrity" in the companies that annually subscribe to measure themselves in this fundamental value.
  • The Ministry of the Environment recognized SKIC Peru with the 2nd Peru Carbon Footprint, a climate action tool of the Peruvian State that officially recognizes the efforts of public and private organizations to reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.


Launch of the first SPOT robot in Latin America.

  • Award of two EPC works, the Horizonte Wind Farm, the largest in Latin America under construction, and Pit Inca Truck Workshop, one of the main contracts of the project.
  • Commissioning of the Codelco Andina Transfer System project.
  • Completion of the assembly of the MAPA continuous digester, the largest in Chile, and the successful execution of its hydraulic test.
  • Award of nine contracts for Minera Chinalco, including the Truck Workshop that marks the return of SKIC Peru to this type of work.
  • Start of the Itabrasco and Conveyor belt mining projects in Mina de Viga, both for VALE.
  • Award of a transmission line -which will connect the VALE solar park with the Jaíba substation- 15 km long in double circuit.


SKIC turns 60 years of trajectory in Chile

  • SKIC gets 1st place in the Chilean Mining Suppliers Ranking award, Phibrand, in the Construction and Erection category, for the second year in a row.
  • Execution of the replacement of the shiploader in Patache Port of Collahuasi in a 35 day record time with no incidents.
  • Allocation of the Salares Norte – FLUOR project, for the electromechanical construction and erection of the process plant from client Gold Fields mining company.
  • Acquisition of the first SPOT robot in Latin America, in the framework of the innovative process of industrialization and robotization.
  • Allocation of three EPC contracts: Loica and Codegua substations, Loica – Portezuelo transmission line, and the expansion of the Portezuelo substation by Colbún Transmission S.A. in relation to the 231/198 decree, previously assigned by the CEN.
  • Allocation of the first mining contract to SKIC Brazil, project of ball mils replacement to VALE..


Inauguration of Chuquicamata Subterránea, Codelco's structural and strategic project, where ICSK participated in the engineering of laying, construction and assembly of 13 kilometers of conveyor belts and 26 kilometers of ST 10000 belt.

  • The Valdivia Pulp Textile Plant project began, the most relevant investment contract in the cellulose field at the time.
  • Inauguration of Chuquicamata Subterránea, Codelco's structural and strategic project.
  • Three years of SKIC operation in Brazil.
  • Award of two additional contracts with Continental Gold for SKIC Colombia.


Chuquicamata Main Transportation System

  • Arauco allocated the Valdivia Pulp Textile Plant project to Engineering and Construction Sigdo Koppers, the most relevant investment contract in the cellulose field at the time.
  • The construction of the main datacenter of the region began.
  • The operations of the main underground transport system Chuquicamata and Andina mine transfer system for Codelco began.
  • SKIC Colombia is allocated its first mining contract in this country, Buritica project.
  • SBEI – SK is allocated more than 745 miles of transmission lines, added to the 932 miles that were in the works.
  • SKIC turns 20 years of trajectory in Peru.


The company establishes an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Restructuring of the company, to organize its activities in Chile and abroad, creating SKIC Group S.A.
  • The construction of 870 miles of high-power lines in the states of Pará, Tocantins, Goiás, Minas, and Sao Paulo in Brazil began.
  • The first project in Colombia, Termonorte Station 93 MW, is allocated.
  • The project LAT 500 kV Mejillones – Cardones and substations Los Changos and Cumbre is finalized, the most important project in the field of energy done by SKIC.
  • The construction and launch of the Escondida Water Supply (EWS) ends, the biggest seawater desalination plant of Latin America.
  • Office inauguration in Bogotá, Colombia and partnership with local business HL Engineers.


SKIC acquires Engineering Dessau Chile S.A.

  • SKIC wins 1st place in the category “technical reliability” in the “Good Health and Safety Practices in the Workplace” contest by the Chilean Construction Chamber and the Security Mutual, because of its innovations and new practices of working at heights safety.
  • The company begins to operate in Brazil to execute energy transmission projects.


The project EPC Transmission Line 500 kV Mejillones – Cardones began, with an extension of 372 miles

  • The project PTA Electromechanical Erection Mapocho – Module 4 is allocated, second phase of the Mapocho Sewage Treatment Plants.
  • Engineering and Construction SK signs an agreement with Associated Universities Inc., representative in Chile of the international consortium CCAT (Cerro Chajnantor Atacama Telescope).
  • SKIC wins 1st place in the category “technical reliability” in the “Good Health and Safety Practices in the Workplace” contest.


The EPC Transmission Line Cochrane - Encuentro projects is finalized

  • The sewage treatment area is resumed with the allocation of the “Second Phase of the PTAS Mapocho.


The project Cochrane Thermoelectric Station began

  • Allocation of the Escondida Water Supply (EWS) project, construction of the biggest desalination plant in South America.


BHP Billiton's mining project Organic Growth Project One (OGP1) begins in Minera Escondida

  • In the Ore Access project, the third consecutive movement of primary crushers is carried out for Minera Escondida


The 520 MW Angamos Thermal Power Plant of AES GENER, built by ICSK for POSCO, is inaugurated, being the first large Thermal Power Plant put into commercial operation in the last 10 years

  • The Los Bronces project, one of the main mining investments made in Chile, ends.


A record 15,000 workers are hired.

  • The Inter-American Federation of the Construction Industry highlights the company.


Acquisition of a Manitowoc 18,000 crane, one of the most modern equipment with the highest load and lifting capacity on the market.

  • The company receives the Apolo award from Endesa for its commitment to occupational health and safety.


Endesa Chile distingue a la empresa con Premio a la Excelencia, por la ejecución del proyecto EPC Central Termoeléctrica Quintero.

  • Endesa Chile distinguishes the company with the Excellence Award for the execution of the EPC Central Termoeléctrica Quintero project.


Engineering and Construction Sigdo Koppers receives the Social Responsibility Award from the Chilean Chamber of Construction.

  • SK Capacitación S.A. starts its operations


The construction of the Methanol Plant No. IV for Methanex, the largest complex of its kind, is completed.

  • Construction of the Nueva Aldea and Santa Fe pulp mills.


The Escondida Phase 4 mining project concludes, which involved 12,000,000 direct Men's Hours.


Start of operations in Peru, through the subsidiary SSK Montajes e Instalaciones.


La Candelaria Concentrator Plant project begins, first contract of the BSK Consortium (Bechtel - Sigdo Koppers)


Construction of the high voltage line Colbún - Alto Jahuel, the first 500 kV installed in Chile, 259 km long.


Work on the Colbún and Machicura hydroelectric plants is completed.


Work begins on Unit No. 12 of the Tocopilla Thermoelectric Plant.


Configuration of company ownership around current drivers.


Construction of the first maritime project of the company, the San Vicente Port.


First Chilean company to carry out works for the Santiago Metro.


Work begins on the second Huachipato Blast Furnace and the Concepción Oil Refinery.


Engineering and Construction Sigdo Koppers S.A. was founded