Caroline Vender elected national counselor in the CCHC 2021

“I feel very honored to represent Sigdo Koppers Engineering and Construction”

Caroline Vender elected national counselor in the CCHC 2021.

On the month of April, Caroline Vender H., Corporate Manager of Human Resources and Strategic Management Planning, was recently named as National Counselor of the Chilean Construction Chamber. She assumes this position representing Sigdo Koppers Engineering and Construction (SKIC) and represents a great milestone for female leadership.

“We are very proud that Caroline represents our company in such a relevant organization, Congratulations!”, said Sandro Tavonatti, CEO of SKIC.

In the industry of construction, female labor participation is only 7%, that is why the role of women in business activities is increasingly relevant. Female leadership is indisputably favorable for organizations since it not only favors integration and diversity, but it proposes a different perspective that contributes in a complementary way to the company and generates a competitive advantage to the organizations.

– Caroline, what does this designation represent to you and to SKIC?

Without a doubt, I feel very thankful and proud to represent SKIC and women, especially supporting them to generate value for the industry in a concrete way. My dream is for us to be a more innovative and inclusive industry, in which saying things face-to-face, with ethics and respect will take us to have a better future not only to our workers and their families, but to the society from which we belong. Women are eager to contribute, to work hard to achieve their dreams. I want to leave a legacy; I want to do my part and contribute to society. I see infinite possibilities to contribute through a better and more innovative industry, one that takes us to be more productive and at the same time sustainable.

How do you think you can achieve these important and difficult challenges?

I think that the path to achieve them is by loving your work, loving what you do, and always keep in mind that your family is the basis of your life.

– Do you think that in Chile more women are being included in the industry of Construction?

Yes, absolutely. I have been working more than 20 years in this market and I have seen important changes in this aspect. I am convinced that the incorporation of women to organizations contributes positively in all order of things, such as the climate, leadership, inclusivity, creativity, innovation, respect, ethics, values, and, in particular, productivity and value of the company.

Congratulations to Caroline, we wish you the best of luck and success.