Civil Infrastructure

Mapocho Wastewater Treatment Plant

2015 / 1.200.000 MH
Santiago, Chile

The contract allocated to Engineering and Construction SK consisted in the construction of the civil works of the Mapocho wastewater treatment plant expansion, located in the Metropolitan Region.

Colón Subway

2003 / 560.000 MH
Santiago, Chile

In consortium with Más Errázuriz, the contract consisted in the construction and civil works of two tunnels (Colón – Bilbao and Colón – Tobalaba interstation), and four ventilations; as well as Colón station (formed by the main building, the platform tunnel and the entrance corridor that connects them), and the architecture completion of the station and entrances.

La Farfana Wastewater Treatment Plant

2001 / 6.500.000 MH
Santiago, Chile

SK/Tecsa consortium made all the civil works of one of the biggest plants of its kind in the world. Its surface reaches 148 acres and treats the 50% of wastewater generated by the residents of Santiago. In one moment of the operation, it was necessary to have installed 27 tower cranes simultaneously.

El Trebal Wastewater Treatment Plant

2000 / 1.300.000 MH
Santiago, Chile

The SK/Tesca consortium made all the civil works and electromechanical erections to decontaminate the 25% of the total wastewater generated in Santiago and return them free from contamination to riverbeds.

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