Port Construction

Patache – Collahuasi Port

Iquique, Chile

The contract allocated by Mrs. Inés Company of Collahuasi (CMDIC) to SK consisted in the construction of a provisional dock to execute the replacement of the Shiploader in a 35-day period record time (shutdown enclosed), according to the international experience that establishes that this task takes around four to five months.

Quebrada Blanca Project Phase II (QB2)

Iquique, Chile

The contract executed by SK consisted in the construction of a concentrator near the mine, a tailing deposit, a duct for the transportation of copper concentrate, a seawater supply plant and installations for the reception, filtration, and concentrate shipment 40 miles south of Iquique.

Oxiquím Plant Marine Outfall

Coronel, Chile

EPC work that consisted in the removement of the current submarine lines and the installation of new ones, maintaining the anchoring location of existing ships and the border of the maritime concession that Oxiquim has. This included the maritime structural detailed engineering, the supply of submarine line piping, the construction, fabrication, and erection of structures and the auxiliary dock, and the launching.

Transport and Loading of Concentrates Ventanas Port Site 3

Quintero, Chile

SK executed the EPC contract that consisted in the design and construction of a new copper concentrate shipment system complementary to the current one in the installations of Ventanas port in Quintero. The expansion, which had the goal of reaching a maximum capacity of 6,0 MTPA shipment yearly, consisted in the implementation of a new shiploader, designed for a 1,650 TPH capacity mounted in the current site 3, plus a standard and tubular conveyor belt system.

San Vicente Marine Terminal Dock

Talcahuano, Chile

Construction of the dock with a vehicular access, berth, anchoring, and loading system, product lines, necessary interconnections for loading and unloading of ship fuel, including an electric, an instrumentation, and a control system for fuel management and operation.

Las Losas Port

Huasco, Chile

Construction of the maritime works of a grain unloading dock, including an access bridge, a landing pier, two berth posts, and two anchoring buoys.

Coal Fired Power Project

Ventanas, Chile

Design and construction of water-cooling piping and circulation auxiliaries to supply the condenser and to connect them to a singular unloading line that goes directly to a sealing well, and from this one to another that goes directly to the sea.

Industrial Liquid Waste Disposal Outfalls in Huachipato Plant

Talcahuano, Chile

Construction of submarine and terrestrial outfalls for the unification of these disposals in three spots, from which the first ones originate.

Lirquén Port

1994 / 450.000 MH
Penco, Chile

Since its inception, the company has been linked to the mining sector, developing more than 120 large-scale projects for the copper, gold and lithium investment industries in Chile and the Region.

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