Arauco Plant Expansion and Modernization (MAPA)

2019 / 6.870.000 MH
Arauco, Chile

SK Engineering and Construction executed the electromechanical civil erection of the Digester, the Washing, the Bleaching, the Machinery, and the Final Line to increase the capacity of production of the current facilities in Arauco plant, through the creation of a new pulp line (L3).

Valdivia Textile Pulp

2019 / 1.300.000 MH
Valdivia, Chile

SK oversaw the fiber line (digester and pulp machine) and the energy and services system (modification of new and current works), with the goal of changing the productive process to produce textile pulp (Chile’s first) from eucalyptus. This included the replacement of mud filters, the erection of two cooling towers, and the modification of the fire protection system, among others. The contract involved all the specialties and considered two general plant shutdowns.

Constitución Plant Erection

2017 / 170.000 MH
Constitución, Chile

Erection of three new Valmet falling film evaporators (70 tons each approx.) and a general plant shutdown of 10 days (both operations involved all the specialties) to optimize the energy production and generation of the facilities.

Escondida Water Supply

2016 / 5.200.000 MH
Antofagasta, Chile

SK Engineering and Construction in consortium with Bechtel had the goal of providing 2,500 L of permeate water to the concentrator plants of Escondida mine, so they executed the construction of a desalination plant (the biggest of its kind to that date) to desalinate seawater through different stages; and the transmission line and three substations.

Santa Fe Pulp Mill

2005 / 4.200.000 MH
Nacimiento, Chile

SK executed the civil engineering and the lighting of the complete pulp area, the electromechanical construction and erection of the fiber line, caustification, lime kiln, and pulp drying machine. The last one, at that time, was one of the three largest in the world with a total weight of 3,077 tons. In the caustification area, the most important erection was the lime kiln, with an approximated weight of 771 tons.

Nueva Aldea

2004 / 4.000.000 MH
Nueva Aldea, Chile

The company made the construction and the electromechanical erection of the plant planned to produce 950 thousand tons of pulp yearly. The operation included the installation of refractories for the fiber line, for the caustification plant, and for the lime kiln, besides the implementation of the energy distribution system. Oil supply and services. All of these require the highest specialization and certification of assembly operators and welders.

Valdivia Pulp Mill

2002 / 3.700.000 MH
Valdivia, Chile

SK executed the construction and erection in all the disciplines of the pulp recuperation line. This included, simultaneously, the power boiler and its turbogenerators, and the recovery boiler which, at the moment, was the biggest ever built in the country, among other works.

Methanex Plant

1986 y 2005 / 2.500.000 MH
Punta Arenas, Chile

In 1986, SK executed the construction and erection of the first methanol plant, based in just one production system, at that time the largest of its kind in the world. A workshop with all of the equipment of modern armorers was installed for piping fabrication. In 2005, the contract consisted in the construction and erection of the fourth train (module), whose biggest challenge was the erection of the main equipment of the plant due to their great scale and weight, like the 400 tons atmospheric tower and the 380 tons reactor.

Hydrocracking Plant

1994 / 800.000 MH
Talcahuano, Chile

The company built the hydrocracking plant for the San Vicente refinery of ENAP. Like any other work that is executed in an operating oil refinery, the safety measures were extreme, the welding of all the piping, especially the alloyed ones, required strict quality control. The equipment base and piping structures were coated with sprayed concrete to make them heatproof.

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