EPC Projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

Sigdo Koppers (SK) develops engineering, construction, electromechanical assembly, purchase and logistics of national and international supplies.

The set of comprehensive services that we offer to our clients is characterized by its quality, the rapid response to the requirements and the fulfillment of the committed deadlines, always providing efficient and innovative solutions.

Our technical capabilities and experience allow us to execute EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects that consider the development of engineering, supply of materials, equipment and construction of the work.

This is possible through an exhaustive planning, scheduling and cost control program, the use of IT support tools, and strong relationships and commercial agreements with international suppliers.

The advantages of this type of execution is that all its phases and processes are coordinated by a single actor, who manages the variables and seeks to optimize the project’s objectives. This allows us to achieve more efficient, quality results and within the committed deadlines. In turn, the client is related to a single person in charge, obtaining significant cost and time savings.