Machinery and Equipment

Sigdo Koppers (SK) develops engineering, construction, electromechanical assembly, purchase and logistics of national and international supplies.

The set of comprehensive services that we offer to our clients is characterized by its quality, the rapid response to the requirements and the fulfillment of the committed deadlines, always providing efficient and innovative solutions.

Our company has the most important and newest construction machinery park in the country, which is operated by qualified technicians, providing comprehensive support to projects underway. This allows a fast and reliable response to project requirements.

In addition, Sigdo Koppers (SK) is the Latin American representative for Manitowoc and Grove. We have a Technical Service Center and staff certified by the brand to perform factory maintenance for our own and third-party equipment.

  • Maintenance of equipment in the field.
  • Rigging support.
  • Transport of equipment, heavy loads and special maneuvers.
  • Qualified operators.
  • Machinery rental services, moldings and scaffolding.