Management team visits SKIC Brazil

Last March 15 was a special day for SKIC Brazil, we had the visit of our CEO Sandro Tavonatti, together with Juan Pablo Aboitiz, vice president of the SKIC Board of Directors; Caroline Vender, Corporate Manager of Planning, Strategy, People and Sustainability; Erik Saphores, Administration and Finance Corporate Manager and Ricardo Thumala, Engineering Corporate Manager, EPC Project Management and Quality.

On the occasion, the management team visited the Itabirito project, Minas Gerais, where they toured the facilities and were able to see the progress of the work. Likewise, the visit was used to attend the graduation ceremony of 33 new professional welders, volunteers from Itabirito (MG) and Ouro Preto (MG), who completed the course given within the framework of the SKIC Women’s Social Project. This initiative seeks to increase diversity in the company’s jobs. Between January 2022 and 2023, SKIC Brazil increased from 62 to 169 women hired to integrate its team of professionals, which means an increase of 273%.

¡¡¡¡Congratulations SKIC Brazil!!!!