SK signs three new contracts

SK Brazil signs its first project in the mining field.

Chile: New Codegua Electrical Substation, Loica – Portezuelo System of Transmission and Portezuelo Expansion

The three EPC projects allocated by Colbun to SK considers the engineering, the supplies, and the construction of two new electrical substations, Codegua and Loica (66 kV and 220 kV), and the expansion of the current one in Portezuelo (110 Kv), and a high-power line of 2 x 220 kV (28 miles of extension).
The operations will take place in Santiago, 62 miles from the city in the region of O’Higgins, and a period of 28 months is estimated. SK along its subsidiary SK Training participated in CONEXPO 2019, an exhibition that gathers the latest technology on machinery, gadgets, and supplies for construction, with the goal of presenting their training program for RT crane operators through the most modern 4D simulator in Latin America.

Brazil: Itabrasco Mining Plant Change of Ball Mills

The first mining contract allocated to SK Brazil consists of the electromechanical dismantling and erection of two ball mills for the Itabrasco Plant, by the client VALE.
The development of the operation considers a scheduled period of 730 days and it will be executed in the city of Vitoria, state of Espirito Santo.

Peru: Hydrocyclone Tanks
The project allocated by Chinalco to SK Peru considers the electromechanical dismantling and erection of four hydrocyclone tanks in the Toromocho plant.
The execution will take place in a period of 83 days in the town of Toromocho region of Unin, 93 miles from Lima.
Congratulations to all the people who worked on these proposals!