SKIC Brasil Women Welders Program

Last March 15, the graduation ceremony for 33 new professional welders, volunteers from Itabirito (MG) and Ouro Preto (MG), who completed the professional training course provided by the company, through the SK Woman Project, was held. Social in our subsidiary in Brazil.

This program was developed exclusively to train women in the two cities of Minas Gerais where SKIC Brazil operates today. The project has been carried out in partnership with Senai and Vale, and lasted five months. The course had theoretical and practical classes, and gave all the support to the students, who received school supplies and food between classes.

The inclusive project, based on education and diversity, was conceived in total synergy with SKIC’s sustainability guidelines and allows the delivery of concrete tools to generate job opportunities and professional development for people in the regions where it operates.

The SK Woman Project is one of the actions that SKIC Brazil has been carrying out since 2021, with the aim of increasing diversity in the company’s jobs. Between January 2022 and 2023, SKIC Brazil increased from 62 to 169 women hired to make up its team of professionals, a growth of 273%.