SKIC reaffirms its commitment to education

Pedro Aguirre Cerda School, Conchalí, Santiago, Chile:

The project represents a financial contribution for the reconstruction and equipping of the Pedro Aguirre Cerda School, with which Sigdo Koppers Ingeniería y Construcción maintains a close relationship.

As part of its contribution to the community, last Monday, August 16, Sigdo Koppers Ingeniería y Construcción (SKIC) began the project to remodel the facilities of the Pedro Aguirre Cerda School in the Conchalí district.

The company, which has a close relationship with the school because it is located near the installations of its machinery park, has undertaken to improve and standardize, in accordance with current legislation, the school’s infrastructure.

The project – which was postponed due to the arrival of COVID-19 in the country – will begin its initial stage with the regularization of the electrical system, the renovation of dressing rooms and bathrooms for students and teachers, and the refurbishment of the nurse’s office.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by the Executive President of Sigdo Koppers, Juan Eduardo Errázuriz; the Mayor of Conchalí, René de la Vega; the CEO of Sigdo Koppers Ingeniería y Construcción, Sandro Tavonatti; the Director of Education CORESAM, Fabiola Pizarro; and the Director of the Pedro Aguirre Cerda School, Mario Ríos. Also, SKIC executives and representatives of the school community were present.

During the activity, the Executive President of Sigdo Koppers, Juan Eduardo Errázuriz, emphasized that “since the origin of the company, in 1960, we have always sought to share with the communities where we operate, and to strengthen education, a fundamental pillar for the development of the country”. Likewise, the CEO of SKIC, Sandro Tavonatti, said that “for SKIC it is vital to make contributions that reflect the values of our company and help the development of the children in Chile, and especially today, of the community that is part of this school”.

For his part, the Director of the Pedro Aguirre Cerda School, Mario Ríos, said “for us, SKIC is an extraordinary ally, very committed to public education. In fact, it exceeds all standards, not only in terms of investment, but also in terms of willingness and perseverance, because they were fundamental for this to become a reality”. The mayor of Conchalí, René de la Vega, thanked the initiative. “I am very grateful for all the support and social work of the company. I thank, on behalf of the entire commune of Conchalí, all its representatives”, he said.

At the inauguration of the project, the community, students, parents and neighborhood representatives were also present, who enjoyed a pleasant afternoon, ribbon cutting, and with great enthusiasm expressed how proud they feel to be part of this institution.