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Transmission auctions should move the engineering and construction sector, with investments estimated at R$ 50 billion

With a long experience in the construction of transmission lines, SKIC Brazil sees good opportunities in this segment, starting from the auctions for the construction of the transmission infrastructure

One of the biggest deficits in the energy sector at present is the energy transmission infrastructure to face the connection to wind and solar farms under construction, and that will come into operation in 2030. For this reason, four auctions were held to bid for The new transmission, which will connect these parks to the SIN (National Interconnected System), scheduled for June, July, October and December, is already attracting market attention, either because of the importance of the transmission infrastructure or because of the opportunities it will generate investments in this area, estimated by the EPE (Energy Research Company) at R$ 50 billion. With its sights set on this opportunity, SKIC Brasil foresees a very positive impact of the auctions on its activity and on the engineering and construction area.

A Brazilian subsidiary of Sigdo Koppers Engineering and Construction, one of the leading engineering and construction companies in Latin America, SKIC began its activities in Brazil in 2016, with the installation of its first power transmission line project in the country, and since So, it has already built more than 2,000 km of lines. The company will participate in this year’s auctions, in partnership with the companies that will compete for the concession of the transmission lines, already with an EPC pre-contract defined for the construction of this infrastructure.

“The energy transmission lines sector will be one of our priorities this year. The infrastructure is the missing step so that the 6,000 MW of renewable energy that the new parks will generate is taken to the consumption centers. And we want to contribute our experience in this fundamental stage for the operation of the wind farms”, says Robson Campos, general director of SKIC Brazil.

He points out that, in addition to the installation of transmission lines and substations, SKIC is also working on the construction of parks with renewable sources. The company recently signed a contract to build a 636 MWp (peak Megawatt) photovoltaic plant for Auren Energia in Minas Gerais. In addition to the plant, in this project SKIC will also build a 230 kV transmission line, with an approximate length of 8.7 km, which will connect the future park to the National Interconnected System (SIN) network.

According to a projection by the Electric Power Commercialization Chamber (CCEE), between 2026 and 2028, 241 new photovoltaic plants and wind farms should be inaugurated, further increasing the need for power transmission lines.

“In order for all this energy to reach consumers, it is necessary to tender and build transmission lines to connect the generation of new parks to the National Interconnected System (SIN), a priority for the security and availability of the Brazilian energy matrix,” says Campos. . . “The government needs to guarantee, by 2028, the quadrupling of the flow capacity of energy generated in the Northeast region to the Southeast, reaching approximately 32 GW of capacity. This is a big jump, since, in 2021, the capacity was 7.5 GW, according to EPE data. And all this movement in the market is important for companies like SKIC Brasil, which can carry out the complete EPC engineering and the construction of the lines”, he adds.