Salares Norte: Electromechanical Erection of Processing Plants

2021 / 1.526.644 HH
Copiapó, Chile

The contract allocated to Engineering and Construction Sigdo Koppers by Fluor consists in the development of the construction works and electromechanical erection of an ore processing plant of gold and silver.

Quebrada Blanca II: Flotation to Tailing Thickener

2019 / 3.200.000 HH
Iquique, Chile

The SK/COSAPI consortium executes the civil works, electromechanical erection, and piping from flotation to tailing thickener in the concentrator plant (close to Quebrada Blanca Mine) that will produce 264 thousand tons of copper and 12 thousand pounds of molybdenum concentrate within a year.

Crushing Rooms and Chuquicamata Underground System of Intermediate Transport

2019 / 633.909 HH
Chuquicamata, Chile

Sigdo Koppers oversaw the erection of two crushers, auxiliary services, and the conveyor belts that transport the ore, from the Crushers to the unloading silos of the Underground Chuquicamata Mine project of Codelco.

Chuquicamata Main Transport System

2018 / 3.500.000 HH
Chuquicamata, Chile

Construction and erection of the conveyor belts of the main transport system of the underground Chuquicamata mine. The most relevant works, as much on the inside of the mine as on the surface, were the erection of the conveyor belts and the construction of five electrical rooms, highlighting the Overland of 3.4 miles and 72”.

Andina Mine Transfer System

2018 / 3.700.000 HH
Los Andes, Chile

Consisted in the construction of an ore transport system to supply the Cordillera plant and the works of the complementary infrastructure. The execution included all the specialties, surface (11,500 feet altitude) and underground works, in addition to the administration and warehouse of the project.

Early Lining of Entrance Tunnels and Main Transport of Chuquicamata

2017 / 760.000 HH
Chuquicamata, Chile

It considers the installation of basic services. Like electric, communication and control, hydraulic, ventilation, and infrastructure areas for both channels of approximately 8.6 miles.

Caserones Truck Workshop

2014 / 610.000 HH
Copiapó, Chile

The EPC contract was allocated to the consortium Sigdo Koppers/Vial and Vives (SKVV) for the construction and preparation of the facilities in the haul truck maintenance workshop, considering the main building with four workshop bays of reparation and two of multipurpose, washing station, warehouses, access area, lube oil tank areas, battery room, compressor room, substation and electrical room erection, and external urbanization.

Caserones Concentrator

2012 / 3.500.000 HH
Copiapó, Chile

Structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, and industrial construction and erection of the concentrator plant. The construction work included the erection of crushers, mills, and cells executed by Sigdo Koppers/Vial and Vives (SKVV) consortium in the Atacama region, at a height of 13,123 feet above sea level and 9.3 miles from the border of Argentina.

OGP1 Escondida Mine

2012 / 13.750.000 HH
Antofagasta, Chile

SK along with Bechtel conducted the construction and erection of buildings, civil works, structure erection, mechanical equipment, piping, metal fabrication, electrical equipment, and instrumentation. It included the pre-commissioning phase of the Organic Growth Project One (OGP1) copper concentrator.

Los Bronces Expansion

2007 / 14.300.000 HH
Santiago, Chile

The EPC contract was executed by the Bechtel-Sigdo Koppers (BSK) consortium to Anglo American. It was developed in two parallel plants (9,850 feet altitude in Santiago) and Las Tórtolas (located in Colina town).

Escondida Mining Camp Phase 4

2000 / 11.500.000 HH
Antofagasta, Chile

The project was executed in consortium with Bechtel (BSK) and consisted in the construction of the copper concentrator plant in its entirety with the capacity to process 121 thousand tons per day of ore. It was the first time that one was built with these characteristics in just one time and not in phases, and the period for the construction works were made in record time.

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